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Stanford @ Palymyra Atoll Undergraduate Website

The Nature Conservancy, Palmyra Atoll

Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium (PARC)

Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP)


Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


“Coconut palms bring ecological change to tropics, Stanford researchers say,” Stanford Report, 20 Jan 2010 by Louis Bergeron

"Palmyra Research Station Launched," Stanford Report, Dec.7, 2005, by Krista Zala

"Living in Paradise on the Palmyra Atoll," NPR, Oct. 25, 2007, by Alex Chadwick

"Researchers Track Boobies for Climate Change Data," NPR, Oct 24, 2007, by Alex Chadwick

"Series Overview: Exploring Palmyra Atoll," NPR, Oct. 22, 2007, by Steve Proffitt

"Stanford@SEA video," Stanford News Service, May 2007, by Mark Shwartz

"The Nature Conservancy Joins World's Top Scientists to Launch Climate Change Research Station on Pacific Atoll," The Nature Conservancy, Nov. 16, 2005